Family Theorists 

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  • Family Theorists
    • Ann Oakley- Domestic Division of Labor   -1974
      • A feminist view of house work and the rise of the house wife role
      • Manipulation - Parents encourage or discourage behavior on the basis of appropriatenesof the child's sex
      • Strengths -Has empirical evidence - reliable evidence backed up by the British social attitude survey
      • Weakness - Research is on a bias sample -- outdated -- not represented
      • Where to use them - vs Functionalists
    • Talcott Parsons --Instrumental & expressive roles -- FUNCTIONALIST
      • Primary Socialization -- Parents teach norms and values
      • Stabilization - of Personalities- the idea that he tested the family is a place where we all can act naturally
      • Strengths - Carried out his own research-- Validity he tested the family -- Supports Murdoch Theory about Primary Socialization
      • Weakness Carried out research on white middle class US families -- Not all families are not all safe havens -- outdated ideas
      • Says families are the next generation and putting all the norms and values
    • Engels -Marxist- decision making in the household
      • Says that men are the breadwinners and oppress women,- he believes that women are glorified  prostitutes in the home
      • Believes that the family is the key to the next generation of work force
      • And the Family Provides a retreat for the work force
      • Feminist  vs Marxist
      • Strengths-- Agrees with parsons that family provides a place of retreat for workplace
      • Weaknesses-- Doesn't acknowledge that family can bring people closer


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