Family Theorists 3

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  • Family Theorist 3
    • Sommerville-Liberal Feminist
      • Says that radical  eminists have failed to achnowledges the progress made by women and thier view that women should live apart from men is unrealistic
      • STRENGTHS--Criticized radical feminist views
    • Murdoch-- FUNCTIONALIST
      • Carried out research in 250 countries   and found 4 basic functions
        • 1 Sexual - satisfies the sex drive
        • 2- Educational  teaches next generation
        • 3- Economical - Provides Food and Shelter
        • 4- Reproductive- Next generation
      • VS MARXIST
      • Strengths-- He has empirical reliable data -- and supports Parsons
      • Weakness-- Based on Weston society -- outdated -- doesn't  show diverse  families ie Gay


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