Family Laws

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  • Family Laws
    • Divorce Reform Act 1969
      • Took effect in 1971 -- Allowed divorce on grounds of relationship breakdown
      • Such changes reflect a government acknowledgment that the importance of good quality relationship to its citizens moving on from the past
    • 1967 Abortion Act
      • Extended abortion rights to include social grounds for examples allowing doctors to recommend abortions for unmarried teenagers
    • 1976 Domestic Violence Act
      • Increased protection to batted  wives
    • 1993 -- Child Support Agency
      • Was set up to compel absent parents, usually fathers, to pay maintenance for their child/ren
    • 1994 Criminal Justice Act
      • Marital **** was outlawed
    • 2002 - Adoption and Children Act
      • Allowed same-sex couples to apply to adopt a child jointly , aimed to increase  opportunity for vulnerable children
    • 2003 Employment Act
      • Right to 2 weeks paid paternity leave
      • Untitled
    • 2005 Civil Partnership Act
      • Enabled Same sex partners to register as civil partners, receiving many of the right as married heterosexual couples


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