Family diversity

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  • Family diversity
    • Nucleur
      • a family consisting of married parents and their dependant children
    • extended
      • traditional extended
        • 3 or more generations of kin living in the same house
      • neo extended
        • 3 or more generations of kin who are close emotionally but do not live in the same house
    • reconstituted
      • a family where one or both of the parents have been previously married/cohabited and have remarried/cohabited with another partner and children from previous relationships
    • single parent
      • one parent and their dependant children
    • lone person household
      • a household of one person
    • same sex
      • a couple of homosexual partners
    • dual worker
      • a family where both the parents are in employment and contribute financially to the family
    • childless/free
      • when a couple chose not to or cannot have children
    • cohabiting couple
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