Family and society

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  • Family and society
    • Family: can be defined as a social unit connected by blood, marriage or adoption
      • Functions of a family
        • Financial resources
        • Access to services
        • care, security and protection
        • Housing
        • Emotional needs for love
        • Reproduction of children
        • Values, beliefs and attitudes
        • Socialise children
        • Cultural identity
      • Structure of families and households
        • Lone parent family
          • Single male or female and depenedent children living toegther.
        • reconstituted (step) family
          • One or both parents have re-married and have children from past relationship.
        • Gay and Lesbian family
          • Same sex couple lving together as a family with children.
        • Extended family
          • Three generations livign toegther in the same household or very close.
        • single person household
          • Single person living alone, mostly females.
        • Nuclear family
          • Two generatrions lving toegtehr.
        • militiaperson household
          • Agroup of people living together in one household eg students
    • Household: can be defined as one person living alone or a group of people who share the same address and living arrangements
    • A household anf family groups need.
      • safe, affordable housing
      • employment opportunities
      • structure and organisation
      • transport systems
      • Identity and inclusivity
      • acess to service


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