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  • family-agent of socialisation
    • majority of children grow up in a married couple family but lone parent and step are increasing
      • so family is more diverse
      • family teaches basic norms and values of everyday life. Through process called imitation
        • they learn what is acceptable through trial and error - PARENTS ARE SEEN AS ROLE MODELS
        • OAKLEY calls this canalisation and manipulation
    • parents install social norms by setting examples on how to behave/not behave
      • sanctions = positive and negative
      • MCROBBIE AND GARBER conclude parents treat boys different to girls
        • more sanctions to girls if they misbehave and giving boys more freedom
          • girls... lead to bedroom culture
            • however not always good thing as DRURY found 1/5 of british asian girls were secretly dating
    • varies according to family structure
      • DUNNE showed how children brought up by homosexual parents were more loyal and equal
      • however gottesman says how sexuality makes no difference


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