Family and parental responsibility

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  • family
    • parents responsibility
      • Teach their child the norms and values. of society.
        • Laws and anti-social behaviour
        • What is expected of them by society
          • Laws and anti-social behaviour
        • Teach them their rights and resposiblilities
        • Untitled
      • Possibly teach religious values
        • If they are expected to pray at certain times ect.
      • make decisions for the best of the family
        • Possible Divorce if there is no conjugal bond
        • cohabitation
          • Whether to house a lodger
        • How much of a 'nuclear family' they are going to be. for example, how many children to have.
        • Whether the parents should work
          • If they do work
            • Will they stay with grandparents or other family members
          • If they don't work
            • Will they be able to afford bills and morgage
        • where to live (city or countryside)


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