Family overview

Quick overview of Family.

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  • Family
    • Difference between Household and Family
      • Household: group of people living together (related or not)
      • Family: people related to you either through blood or marriage
    • Different family structures
      • The modern nuclear family
      • Reconstituted family
      • Lone parent family
      • Same sex family
      • Empty nest family
      • Beanpole family
    • Conventional nuclear family
      • NEW RIGHT: father= 'breadwinner'  Mother= 'carer'
      • Media still presents 'perfect families' ad 'nuclear families'
      • FUNC: mother, father, children. Important to society
    • Marriage in decline?
      • Rise in cohabitation
      • Rise in cost of marriage
      • Easier for a divorce
      • Women are more independent from men (financially)
      • Social stigma decline
      • Marriage is too glorified via media (people are disappointed)
    • Changing family roles
      • Life is becoming more equal
        • Women are doing less housework due to education/ employment
        • Men are doing more about the house (employed fewer hours so spend more time at home)
        • Home is becoming a well visited place (entertainment is now at home, not at venues)
      • Life is still unequal
        • Dual burden
        • Triple shift
        • Invisible work
        • Money management/ decision making
        • Parenting/ childcare
    • Alternatives to family
      • Not living in a family
      • Communes


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