Family therapy

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  • Family therapy
    • Outline (A01)
      • Uses entire family in an attempt to improve ability to communicate and interact
      • Double-bind and schizo-phrenogenic mother theories blame families for cause
      • Reduces hostility and guilt
      • Establish a therapeutic alliance that reduces stress
    • Research evidence
      • Pilling et al (2002) Lowest relapse rates and hospital readmissions; more people complied with their medication regime
      • McFarlane et al (2003) Reduced relapse rates; symptom reduction; improved family relationships, well-being of patients
      • Leff et al (1985) 8% relapse with family therapy, 50% with routine care
    • Evaluate (A03)
      • Supported by research evidence
      • Useful for patients who struggle to communicate
      • Must have willing participation
      • Cost-effective; cheaper than standard care
      • Doesn't cure
      • Lower attrition and relapse rates (long term treatment)


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