Family Structures

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  • Family Structures
    • Single Parent Family
      • One parent looks after the children alone
    • Adoptive Family
      • Legally and permanently adopt a child and raise them as their own.
    • Foster Family
      • Children temporally cared for by another family does not have parental rights for the child.
    • Shared care family
      • Both parents share in the decisions made about a child. Child spends equal amount of time with them.
    • Nuclear Family
      • Parents and their biological children live together but not in the same house as any other family.
    • Step Family
      • Adults in a new partnership b ringing children with them from previous relationships
    • Extended Family
      • Different genarations of a family all live together or close by.
    • Same Sex Family
      • Couples of the same sex live together with their adopted or biological children.


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