The family Structures in Health and Social Care

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  • Family Structures
    • The lone parent family
      • Dependable on other family members
      • only one role model for them to grow up like
      • One parent who has custody for the child/ children
    • The nuclear family
      • live cooperatively
      • Two role models for the children
      • Come together all as one unit
      • Relatives live separately e.g grandparents and aunties and uncles
    • The reconstituted family
      • Can be arguments between the children or parents
      • The children might not like each other and they are related
      • Consists of people who have been married and children with there old partners who have broken up
      • quite a lot of children as they have come from two separate marriages that haven't lasted
      • Parents just live together they don't have to be married
    • The extended family
      • Whole family live together in one household
      • It consists of a nuclear family
      • Extended vertically or horizontally
      • Different age groups
      • Grandparents and aunties and uncles live in the household with the nuclear family and all of there children


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