Family Policy

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  • Family Policy
    • 1. Cuts to Benefits
      • helps to reduce 'dependence culture', families more dependent, allows roles to be fulfilled if they independent-supported by Functionalist view in order to gain consensus, also be supported by Feminism to encourage the absent fathers to take on their role
      • However, led to more poverty and inequality within society(capitalism), has had the most impact on working class families due to their benefits being taken from them-Marxism says maintains capitalism
    • 2. Divorce Reform Act
      • no longer have to provide any evidence of a partner being guilty, no longer have to wait three years in order to file for divorce
      • Feminists-beneficial as they can escape unhappy marriages(radical fem.-political lesbianism), PM-policy allows people to have more choice
      • Functionalism+New Right would disagree due to it undermining the commitment of marriage and decreases ideal family, Marxism-family diversity makes it difficult to survey and control
    • 3. Free Health Care(NHS)
      • this policy allows every member of society with an address access to free health care.
      • Functionalist-helps improve people's health so they can continue roles, Marxism-uses NHS to keep track and control society
      • does not allow the underclass to gain access, forms a division between public and private health care
    • 4. Maternity Leave
      • entitles the mother to 52 weeks off after the child is born, paternity leave is 2 weeks, same rules apply to same sex marriages, share parental leave
      • Feminists-allows mother to recover after giving birth, Liberal fem.-shared leave as it allows more equality, Functionalism-role of the mother=reproductive and provide emotional care, PM/Feminists- shared leave as it allows a move to joint conjugal roles
    • 5. Child Support Agency
      • form of payment given by the gov. to a parent of a lone parent family
      • Feminist-absent parent contributes, allows stable lifestyle
      • lack of gender role socialisation-New right say leads to more crime and lack of education
    • 6. Married couples tax allowance
      • where couples that are married are taxed less on their income and therefore have more money
      • Functionalism-encourages the start of a nuclear family and help to avoid divorce
      • restricts cohabitation and lone parent families, Feminist-restricts divorce from unhappy marriages
    • 7. Child Benefits
      • allowance of money given to any person responsible for a child 16 and under, does not apply to anyone earning 50,000 and over, eldest child=20.70, 13.70 other children
      • PM-choice is increased


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