Family Diversity

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  • Family Diversity
    • reconstituted
      • Definition: A family formed out of another relationship, otherwise known as a step family.
      • Trend: Divorce or remarriage
      • Reason for trend: the number of remarriages has rapidly increased while the marriage rate has decreased, this leads to couples who both have children from previous marriages,  bringing both of their families together to form a new one.
    • SPF's
      • Definition: A single parent (either gender) with one or more dependent children
      • Trend: Divorce
      • Reason for trend: it is now a lot easier to get access to a divorce than it was in the past, the grounds for divorces have been widened to more people are able to get one
    • Single person households
      • Definition: a one person household in which that person makes provision for his or her own food or other essentials for living without combining with any other person.
      • Trend:
      • Reason for trend:
    • Extended
      • Definition: A family containing relatives in addition to the nuclear family
      • Trend
      • Reason for trend:
    • Nuclear
      • Definition: a family consisting of an adult male and female with one or more children.
      • Trend
      • Reason for Trend:
    • cohabitation
      • Definition: a couple living together who aren't married
      • Trend:
      • Reason for trend:
      • Chester vs. Chandler
        • Chester - sees the nuclear family as being dominant however he recognizes that the traditional nuclear family has been transformed into the neo-conventional family in which both spouses go out to work and the division of labour is shared between them.
          • chester says that family diversity is more about the lifecycle rather than people choosing to live in new family arrangements.
            • most single person households are either elderly widows or younger divorcees who aspire to live in a nuclear family.
    • Same sex couples
      • Definition: two consenting adults of the same sex in a relationship
      • Trend:
      • Reason for trend:


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