Family and House Holds: Demography

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  • Family and House Holds: Demography
    • Family Size
      • Families are smaller due to  increase in life span.
      • Extended family is easier to contact due to new tech
      • House hold structure is more diverse as are family types
    • Birth and Fertility Rates
      • Baby booms after the 1st and 2nd Word wars
      • Decrease  in the long term.
        • Reasons for decrease
          • Change in rigidity of gender roles
          • Falling infant  mortality rates
          • Children now an economic burden rather than an asset
      • Beck and Gernsheim (1995) people more concerned with their individual needs.
      • 60's Contraception became readily available
    • Death Rates
      • Steady decline in death rates
      • Reasons for decline
        • NHS provisions
        • Improved maternity care
        • Decrease in infections diseases.
        • Education: Health, hygiene, Diet..
      • Impacts of decline.
        • Greater life expectancy (approx 80)
        • Greater dependancy ratio
        • More pensions for GVMT to pay for
        • More bean pole family structures
        • Grandparents play a greater role in family life such as child care.
    • Social Policy: Welfare and NHS.
      • Decline in death rates.
      • Decline in infant mortality
      • Plays a part in care for the elderly.
    • Migration
      • 1/4 of all babies born in the UK are the children of immigrants.
      • More diversity of family structures.
      • Asian families typically have a closer relationship with extended family.
  • Natural Change: The difference in birth and death rate
  • Dependancy Ratio: The number of dependant people to working people a specific country.
  • Hybrid Identity: An identity that is made up of 2 or more identities.


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