Family and Christianity

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  • Family and Christianity
    • Its importance
      • Christian parents bring up their children in a secure and loving Christian home so that they will love God and follow Jesus
      • Family was created by God
      • Most Christians do not agree with divorce and believe parents should stay together to bring up their children
      • Family is where children learn the difference between right and wrong
    • Christian teachings on family life
      • Al Christians should be brought up in a family with a mother and father unless one of them has died
      • Parents should love their children and provide them with food, clothes etc
      • Parents should set a good Christian example for their children and encourage them to be to go church and be baptised and confirmed
      • Children should obey and respect their parents
      • Children should look after their parents if they can no longer look after  themselves
    • How Churches help with the upbringing of children
      • Church schools
      • Infant baptism
      • Classes in preparation for First communion/ confirmation
      • Sunday schools
      • Churches welcome families and can often have family services
      • Providing clubs to keep children away from immoral behaviour and get them to help out in the local community
      • Providing help and advice
      • Marriage and family counsellors
    • How Churches help with family life
      • Remind parents of vows
      • Give advice to couple having family problems
      • Christian organizations who can help families having difficulties
      • Exploring new ways of having family friendly churches
      • Catering for the needs of young people by organising youth conferences
      • Many churches support families financially if the wage-earner is ill or made redundant


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