Family theme

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  • Family
    • Capulets
      • Juliet and her father had a decent relationship at the start
        • "She is the hopeful lady of my earth"
        • Caring and protective father
          • "she will be ruled in all aspects by me"
            • Ironic because he doesn't know that she has already married Romeo
        • Juliet is an only child so Capulet has a duty to find her a good match
          • Paris has very high social status so their marriage would give Juliet power and security
      • Relationship turns sour when Juliet refuses to marry Paris
        • "disobedient wretch"
    • Context
      • Father was the undisputed head of the household
      • Women had no rights or authority in the law
        • couldn't own property or money
        • Children were parent's property
          • Given to a suitable partner to suitable partner
            • Political or financial transaction to acquire or secure wealth
            • Not unusual to be married young
          • Children didn't have a strong bond with their parents
            • Raised by a wet nurse
    • Nurse
      • More of a mother to Juliet than Lady Capulet
        • "Prettiest babe I e'er nurse. If I might live to see thee married once, I have my wish"
    • Feud
      • "two households both alike in dignity"
      • Loyalty is important to all of the characters
        • In the end, Romeo and Juliet become more loyal to each other than to their families
      • Mercutio was related to the Prince
        • The feud affects other families - the violence is getting out of control


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