Topic 7: Families and social policies

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  • Families and social policy
    • Comparative view of family policy
      • Abolishing the family
        • Russian Revolution 1917
        • Destroy the old pre-revolutionary family
        • Divorce laws were tightened
        • Abortion was made illegal
        • Parents were encouraged to have more children
      • China's one child policy
        • Couples who comply get more benefits
        • Couples who break this policy will have to pay a fine
        • In Romania they were trying to up the birth rate
          • Infertility centres
          • Making divorce more difficult
          • Restricted contraception and abortions
      • Nazi family policy
        • Germany 1930s
        • Encouraged  to breed a 'master race'
        • Women were made to stay at home
        • Sterilized 375,000 disabled people
    • Perspectives on families and social policy
      • Functionalism
        • Society as built on harmony and without conflict
        • FLETCHER
          • Different policies have lead to the development of the welfare state
            • Helps families to perform their functions better
        • Ciricisms
          • Assumes all members benefit from social policies
          • Assumes 'MOP' view
      • New Right
        • They see the nuclear family the best
        • MURRAY
          • Benefits offer 'perverse insentives'
        • Policies can encourage a dependency culture
        • Criticisms
          • Feminists: Attempt to justify a patriarchal society
          • Wrongly assumes that the nuclear family is 'natural'
          • Cutting benefits = more poverty
      • New Labour
        • Conservative party
          • Changed adoption laws
        • Strengthening marriage& cutting benefits
        • Certain policies can improve life for some families
      • Feminists
        • Society is patrirachal
        • Social institutions maintain womens subordinate position
        • LAND
          • Assume the ideal family is nuclear
      • Marxism
        • Society is based on class conflict
        • We live in a capitalist society
        • Social policies do not benefit members equlay
        • MOP
      • DONZELOT: policing of families
        • Polices are like state power over families
        • Rejects the MOP view
          • Polices are like state power over families
        • Criticisms
          • Marxist & Feminists


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