Families and households

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  • Families and Households
    • Socialisation
    • Norms
      • Specific, informal rules of behaviour in a particular society
    • Culture
    • Values
      • General beliefs about what is right or wrong in particular society
    • Value Consensus
    • Social Solidary
      • A sense of belonging, commitment and loyalty to a social group
    • Role
    • Exploitation
      • Utilization of another person or group for selfish purposes
    • Ideology
      • A distorted set of beliefs which favours the interests of a particular social group
    • Ruling Class
      • In Marxist theory, the group who are dominant in society by virtue of their wealth and power
    • Marx
    • Capitalism
      • A society in which people are employed for wages, and businesses are set up with the aim of making profit.


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