Families and Household

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  • Families and Household
    • Families
      • A group of people related by blood, marriage and/or committed to each other to support each other in some way. They many not live under the same roof.
    • Household
      • A group of people living together who don't necessarily share a commitment to each other.
    • Vertical extended family- grandparents,parents, children
    • Horizontal extended family- auntie, uncle, parents and children.
    • Same sex families- Two people of the same sex. Raising children with split roles.
    • Nuclear families- mum, dad, children. Dad do man jobs and mum doing mother jobs.
      • Roseniel and Budgeon- 'heteronorm' Idea that intimate relationships between heterosexual couples and the normal form of intimate relationships
    • Multicultural families- mum and dad from different cultures. African Caribbean women head of family. Similar to nuclear but depending on culture.
    • Lone parent families (single parents)- parent alone with child. parents do all the roles and take responsibilities.
      • End of marriage through divorce or  separation. End of cohabitation. Women who aren't married but get pregnant. death of partner.
      • 'Joint parenting' arrangements between both parents (Neale and smart 1997)
      • most one parent families are run by the mother- over 90% in 2001. Increased in the last 30 years.
      • Single parent isnt the first choice, would prefer to bring up in stable environment. Women dont want to abort so have child,
      • Feminists- women have more freedom to choose, women are free from male dominance.
      • Marxists- single parents are used as a scapegoat to account for many social problems such as crime,
      • New right- critical of one parents families. no father figure means no discipline which leads to anti social behaviour, disrespect and crime. Women depend on state benefits, children don't have example. Critical of young mothers.
    • Student household- independent students living together. shared roles (friends, lodgers)
    • Living apart together- Two different houses and families. independent but made a commitment
      • Levin (2004)- People are in a relationship but live separate.
      • Haskey and Lewis (2006) People are trying out relationships before they marry.
    • Extended families- mum, dad, children, grand-parents etc. grandparents help out with jobs and chilcare.
      • Functional sociologists, Bell and  Vogel, define the extended family as 'any grouping broader than the nuclear family which is related by descent, marriage and adoption'
    • Reconstituted families- step families, marriage break ups and new relationships. split roles between both families.
    • Empty nest families- children left the parents for uni, jobs etc. Do things together.
      • the cult of individual- focused on our own needs. 'be good  oneself'
      • Communication revolution- social life through media.
      • The ageing population- More likely to be widowed or divorced. Elderly living longer and alone.


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