Factors causing falling birth rate in UK

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  • falling births
    • women's status, pay and rights
      • improved status and work opportunities
      • more women are postponing the age at which they start a family (average age now 30)
    • contraception, abortion and education
      • oral contraceptive pills made legally available in 1961
      • abortion legalised in 1967
      • sex education for young people
    • costs and consumerism
      • rising costs of living mean parents may limit number of children
      • the cost of bringing up a child is thought to be approx. £150,000
    • global connections
      • some causes of falling births are external to the UK
        • e.g. global depression of 1930s led to British people limiting family size
      • rising energy costs in the 1970s contributed to UK's ongoing fertility decline


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