Editorial Writing - cases of child abuse

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  • Editorial Writing
    • Failures in comunication
      • Between social workers, nurses, doctors an police officers allowed Climbie's great-aunt to torture her to death
      • Professionals claim that they did not communicate with each other because of their workloads, low pay and low morale
      • NHS staff, social services and police failed to alert each other to obvious danger signs
    • What the government said they would do
      • Examine 'urgently' every area of social work including leadership, training and recruitment
      • More 'on-the-job' learning and less reliance on academic
      • Social workers will be paid more in 'touch front line areas'
      • An extra £58m is to be put into the recruitment and retention of social workers after the death of Baby P.
    • What has happened since?
      • Social workers are intervening more quickly to protect vulnerable children
      • local authorities are coming to court more fully prepared and neglect cases in particular are being acted upon more quickly.
    • Sentencing
      • Tracey Connelly served 6 years for allowing 17 month old Peter to be tortured to death
        • To be let out after 6 years but will be on license for the resst of her life
        • Huge outrage from people online when they found she was to be released
      • Barker was sentenced to life with a minimum of 10 years for ****** a two-year-old gir
      • Victoria Climbie's gaurdians convicted of her muder


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