Failures of Peaceful Coexistence

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  • Failures of Peaceful Coexistence
    • Paris Summit 1960
      • Collapsed after American U2 spy plane was shot down
      • Gary Powers
    • Khrushchev visits USA 1959
      • Not allowed into Disneyland
      • Became paranoid that the Americans were hiding nuclear bombs there
    • Geneva Conference 1954
      • Allowed the French to withdraw from Vietnam
      • Dulles saw this as the Communists winning in the North and walked out before the end
    • Treaty of Rome 1957
      • Established the European Economic Community
      • Created common markets and customs unions among members
    • Sputnik Satellite 1957
      • Space Race
      • 'It suggested communism had conquered the universe'
    • Polish Crisis 1956
      • Massive protests in Poland against the government
      • Workers demanded better conditions but were met with violent repression
    • Molotov's proposal on Germany 1954
      • An all German government
      • Begin Unification
      • Opposed by the West
    • Flexible Response 1961-63
      • Kennedy increased troops in Vietnam
      • Very Costly


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