The League of Nations - Failures

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  • Failures
    • Vilna 1920
      • Vilna was the capital of Lithuania, but most of the peope that lived there were Poles
        • The Poles invaded Vilna and Lithuania turned to The League for help
      • What happened?
        • The league protested at the Poles action but the Poles stayed put
          • Britain and France saw Poland as a useful ally and did not want to act. The Poles got away with it
      • Why was this bad?
        • The rules were not followed. Poland should have been punished further and France and Britain shouldn't have taken sides
    • Corfu 1923
      • Mussolini blamed Greece for the death of a general, and when the refused to pay compensation Mussolini bombarded Corfu killing 15 people
      • What happened?
        • The league condemned Mussolini's violence and told Greece to pay compensation (50 million lire)while it investigated the case
          • It the Italians were wrong about the General it would be payed back
            • Mussolini accepted but pursuaded the Conference of Ambassadors to change the ruling
              • The Greeks has to apologise to Italy and pay compensation
      • Why was this bad?
        • Italy wasn't punished because it was on the council (biased)
        • The League didn't finish the case, The Conference of Ambassadors took over


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