Failure to function adequately

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  • Failure to function adequately
    • when someone deviates from the 'normal' daily routine (pattern of behaviour) then they are failing to function adequately
    • e.g. severe depression - when someone struggles to get out of bed in the morning - not able to cope with day-to-day living
    • a clear change in the pattern of behaviour is  sign of a mental disorder
    • Limitations
      • some behaviours that appear dysfunctional and abnormal may actually be adaptive for the individual
        • e.g. depression may lead to welcome extra attention for the individual, which helps them deal with the stressor that led to depression
      • patterns of behaviour vary between cultures, so failing to function adequately may look very different depending on which culture you are in
      • depriving yourself of food may be a religious commitment, not a sign of mental illness


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