Factors to consider when planning a meal.

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  • Factors to Consider when planning a meal.
    • Who is it for?
      • Quantities
        • how many people do you need to cook for, are there enough ingredients?
    • What food is available?
      • Has anything gone off? Do you have the right ingredients?
    • How balanced is it?
      • Does it contain the right nutrients for a balanced diet.
    • What skills/knowledge you have.
    • Time of day
      • Snacks
      • Breakfast
      • Lunch
      • Tea
    • Motivation
      • Can you be bothered to make a big meal?
    • Hunger
      • How hungry are you? Do you need a small/big amount?
    • Appereance
      • Does it look appetising? Would you want to eat it?
    • Cost
      • How much money do you have? Is it expensive?
    • How much time do you have?
      • Do you need to make something quickly? are you in a rush?
    • Health/Nutritional needs
      • Are you ill? Will you pass on diseases? Are there certain thing you should/shouldn't be eating?
    • Space
      • Facilities
        • Are you in a small space with hardly any space or equipment?


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