Factors that lead to Pitt becoming Prime Minister

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  • Factors that led to Pitt becoming PM
    • Personal Skills and Background
      • Pitt graduated from Cambridge at a young age
      • Pitt was the Chancellor of the Exchequer
      • Pitt's father was PM
      • Pitt was very good with numbers
    • Charles Fox
      • Friends with the Prince Regent
      • Appeared more radical than he actually was
      • King believed that Fox was a negative influence
      • The King hated Fox
    • Lack of Opposition
      • North, Rockingham, Shelbourne, Portland and Fox all hated by the King
      • Previous PM's ineffective in office.
      • Pitt was the last chance for the King
    • Failed Ministries
      • Lord North
        • Lost America
      • Marques of Rockingham
        • Government hated by the King
      • Earl Shelbourne
        • Brought by Fox "Parliamentary Arithmetic"
      • Duke of Portland
        • Lost the majority in parliment
      • Removed opposition for Pitt, and made him look great!
    • Support of the King
      • Pitt was a reformist and wanted to keep the monarchy
      • Pitt didn't aggravate the King like Fox did.
      • The King allowed Pitt to become PM
      • Pitt had the Kings confident support.


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