Contract Catering Companies

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  • Factors that contribute to the success of a contract catering company
    • excellent customer care skills - dealing with clients and guests
    • knowledge of menu planning - planning meals for different clients and situations
    • good practical and presentation skills - producing quality dishes
    • knowledge of nutrition, special dietary needs - planning meals for different client groups, adapting recipes when needed
    • speed and efficiency - the ability to serve food quickly for a large party so that hot food is served hot - not cold!
    • flexibility and adaptability - the ability to 'think on feet' as every situation is different
    • good reputation - by pleasing clients, being punctual, trustworthy etc.
    • safe - meeting all legislation regarding HASAWA, fire regulations, etc.
    • excellent communication skills - dealing with clients, suppliers and staff
    • keeping accurate records
    • consistent quality and portion control
    • good relationships with suppliers
    • able to meet deadlines
    • good choice of equipment for food preparation, storage and transport
    • hygienic - meeting all legislation regarding HACCP,Hygiene Regulations, Food Safety Act, etc.
    • ability to cost menus and calculate a portion size that is appropriate for clients
    • good advertising, own website
  • excellent communication skills - dealing with clients, suppliers and staff


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