Factors leading to pressure group success

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  • Factors leading to PG success
    • Effective organisation and leadership
      • Producers are easier to organise than consumers
    • Wealth
      • Corporate and trade groups are often the richest
      • Money brings more lobbying, campaining, more attractive literature and website
    • Large membership
      • The larger the group's membership, the easier it is to claim it represents a large segment of society
      • More members = more subscriptions and donations
      • Populairity
        • The more popular the issue, the more pressure the group can assert on govt
    • Status and effectiveness of the opposition
      • Anti-smoking groups have to oppose powerful and wealthy tobacco industry
      • Stronger the opposition, stronger group has to be, to win the argument
    • Achievability of the group's goal
      • Planned Parenthood wants to keep abortion legal ;easier
      • National Right to Life wants to ban all abortions; harder


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