Factors influencing Energy Security

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  • Factors influencing Energy Security
    • Fossil Fuel Supply
      • In the UK, Coal as an energy source is declining.
        • Polluting
        • Coal  Mines closed in the 1980s
        • Most Coal is now imported
      • In the UK, oil use has stayed the same.
        • It is mostly used for transport
        • North Sea Oil is declining
        • We now rely on imports from N Africa and the Middle  East
      • The use of Gas in the UK has increased
        • 'Dash for Gold' in the 1990s, as Gas was cheap and easy
        • We now  import Gas from Russia and Qatar
    • Foreign Imports
      • More dangerous as it gives the other country 'power' e.g Russia
      • Foreign Pathways are more likely to be disrupted than Domestic Supplies
    • Population increase
      • Increased need for energy
      • Greater Consumption of convenient Fossil Fuels
    • Over-reliance on Fossil Fuels
      • Greater Conflict and Shortages


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