Factors Influencing Climate

Mindmap showing the factors that the climates are determined by.

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  • Factors influencing Climate
    • Sea and Land areas
    • Day and night patterns
    • Seasons
      • Typically, the weather will be warm in the summer and cold in the winter.
        • An example of a different season is the monsoon season where there is terential downpouring showers.
    • Latitude
    • Greenhouse effect
      • The build up of gases which cause the greenhouse effect, causes the weather to be generably warmer.
        • This is why it is refered to global warming.
    • Concentration of the suns heat on the Earth
    • Air streams
    • Aspect
      • Aspect is the sun's direction that is facing.
        • For example, the suns rises in the east and sets in the west. South facing slopes will have more hours of sunshine a day than north facing slopes as the sun is at a different angle.
    • Cloud cover
    • Altitude
    • Ocean currents
    • World wind patterns
    • The Earth's atmosphere
    • Air pressure


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