Factors enabling consolidation of power

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  • Factors enabling Nazi Consolodation
    • Terror
      • Concentration Camps-Dachau
      • Enabling Act
      • Reichstag Fire decree-people lost right to free speech and could be arrested for any reason
      • Destruction of Trade Unions
      • Night of Long Knives- removed leaders who he saw as threat e.g Ernst Roehm
    • Propaganda
      • Potsdam day-respectable politician
      • Aftermath of Reichstag fire-fear of communist  overthrow-people turned to the Nazis- saviour and 'strong man'
    • Nazification
      • 1933 removed Jews and political opponents from civil service,schools and courts.
      • After trade unions abolished- DAF was established
    • Violence
      • Reichstag Fire
      • Intimidation at polling booth during elections
      • Enabling act- kidnap and intimidation


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