Factors Affecting Research Method Choice

Factors Affecting Research Method Choice...




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  • Factors Affecting Research Method Choice...
    • Practical
      • Time and money (resources)
        • The choice of cheap and quick Vs. In-depth and Expensive.
      • Personal Strengths
        • If better at certain methods, you're more likely to use them.
      • Acessability
        • Can you access the resources you need?
      • Nature of the subject
        • Certain subjects may require certain methods to be used
    • Ethics
      • Consent
        • Can be an issue for children and going covert
      • Deception
        • Right to lie to avoid the Hawthorne effect
      • Harm
        • will is cause harm or distress, or the risk of it?
      • Legalities
        • Will it uncover illegal activity
      • Freedom of expression
        • Restricted in closed questionnaires and surveys
    • Theoretical
      • Positivits
        • Scientific, reliability and representative data more important, focus on quantitative data.
      • Interpretivists
        • Not scientific, validity more important and qualitative and in-depth data


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