Factors that result in gender differences in subject choice

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  • factors that result in gender differences in subject choice
    • gender socialisation
      • learning behaviourexpected of males and females
      • girls- caring and sensitive, English and humanities
      • boys-science
      • murphy and elwood- boys read hobby books, non fiction and information so prefer science, whilst girls read stories and prefer english
    • gendered careers
      • many jobs seen as mans of womans are dominated by one gender
      • vocational courses which prepare you8ung people for specific careers are dominated by one gender
    • gendered subject images
      • subjects have a gender or image. seen as either malle or female
      • sicnece mainly taught by men, textbooks use interests of boys
      • masculine- physics,enginerring, maths
      • feminine- health and social, art english
    • peer pressure
      • other boys and girls pressure individuals to confom. boys often opt of of subjects seen as typically female to avoid negative peer response
      • Alison dewar- girls who do sport have to deal with being labelled masculine
      • peer pressure is not seen in same sex schools


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