reasons for a positive self concept

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  • factors that improve or help gain a positive self concept
    • attending some kind of school or college/university means that you're gaining new skills
      • this will lead to further education and qualification
        • which leads onto employment
    • may feel good about yourself as you may feel like you're doing well and making good progress
      • this will make you feel proud
        • which may make you more determined and focused on school
    • being part of a friendship group means that you will have people to rely on
      • from having people to rely on, they will stick by your side and stick up for you
    • spending time with friends may make you feel accepted so you don't isolate yourself
      • this will make you feels as part of a group that you can socialise with
    • being in a relationship may result in a positive self concept as you may feel loved
      • you may feel wanted
        • being in a relationship may make you feel like you have someone to rely on
    • having a good social circle will also lead to having a positive self concept
      • you have people to talk to about your issues
        • which shows that you have people you can trust


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