factors affecting WC leisure industrialisation

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  • Factors affect WC leisure in Industrial-isation
    • Negative
      • Factories replaced space to play the sport
        • No room for traditional sports, e.g. Mob football
          • Specialist facilities created for the UC's sports - not for the WC
            • UC still lived exclusively
      • Shift from 'seasonal' to 'machine' time
        • Long 12-hr working days, 6 days a week with Sunday off
      • Poor  hygiene in the work place
        • Lack of energy to take part in sport
          • Due to long hours in the work place
      • Low income
        • Little spare for leisure pursuits
          • All of the money spent to live and eat
      • Lack of public provision
        • No access to personal equipment
          • Couldn't afford it and weren't really able to play many sports that required specialist equipment
            • Still tried to play 'natural' sports even in the urban environment
    • Positive
      • More job opportunities
        • Less people were unemployed
      • Emergence of the Middle class
        • Gave more leisure time
          • Allowed more time to watch/ participate in sport
        • 'Philanthropic' who began the move to professional sports
      • Travel improved
        • Roads, steam trains etc.
          • Cheaper to travel than it was before so the WC can experience more
      • Athleticism
        • WC seen as important as the patrons would spend their own money on who they thought would win
          • WC became more valuable than before
      • Health improved slightly
        • Public baths created to ensure everyone has some hygiene
    • = the change from rural (agricultural) to industrial


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