Factors that contribute to the failure of a project (P.I.P.P.I.P)

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  • Factors that contribute to the failure of a project (P.I.P.P.I.P)
    • Poor user support and maintenance
      • Users are likely to have a poor attitude if they have to fend for themselves.
    • Inadequate analysis
      • Full client/user involvement and approval is needed
    • Inappropriate testing
      • An inadequate test plan or badly chosen test data may lead to major errors being undetected until the system is installed
    • Poor project management
      • A project may overruns or run out of money if it is not controlled properly
    • Poorly organised installation and changeover
      • Attitude of users could be affected
    • Poor Design
      • May make the system slower, making it frustrating for users
      • May make the system less robust (leading to crashing or freezing)


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