Factors of pressure group success

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  • Factors of PG success
    • Money
      • Allows for effective use of methods
        • Electioneering
          • National Association of Realtord donated just under$4m to federal candidates in 2012
        • Media
        • Lobbying
          • EU
          • UK
          • USA
          • Linked to revolving door
        • Grassroots activities
    • Govt influence
      • Easier in federal systems like USA and Germany due to multiple access points
        • state level, 3 branches of federal govt
          • MADD targets state govt
          • ACLu offers amicus curate briefs in SC cases
          • NRA-ILA targets pro-2nd Am Congressmen
            • NRA publishes report cards of c-men
            • NRA endorses pro-2nd Am candidates
              • electioneering; donates to campaigns
      • More important in parliamnetarysystem as less access points
        • Importance of Grant's insider v outsider
          • BMA, CBI = insider,
            • BMA represents highly respected profession with more expertise than ministers
          • Forest (for smoking) = outsider
          • Insider doesn't have to use direct action - unpopular with public sometimes
            • Stop the War marches against Iraq War
            • RMT tube strikes disruptive and unpopular
          • But many publicly funded PGs like BMA unwilling to criticise govt in fear of losing their funding
          • But even insider groups lack unlimited influence. BMA went on strike after govt refused to stop proposed changes to doctors pensions
    • Achievability of groups goals/ strength of opposition
      • NARAL v National Right to Life
        • NARAL has Roe v Wade
      • NRA v Brady's List
        • NRA has 2nd Am
      • Forest (for smoking) v Ash
      • Make Poverty History unachievable goals but mass support and effective publicity
        • Click campaign with celebrity endorsement
      • Whether groups aims conflict with govt aims
        • Child Poverty Action Group (Uk) criticised govt for spending cuts but despite sympathetic aim, govt retorted with their commitment to spending cuts
    • Organisation
      • NRA has hierarchial structure led by effective LaPierre
    • Membership
      • USA
        • political clout
        • legitimacy
        • AARP boasts 40m members over 50
      • EU
        • COPA and COGECA have 50+ years experience and represent 30+million farmers across EU


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