history, factors of continuity, medievel medicine

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  • factors of continuity
    • the church
      • it was led by the pope in rome
      • it influenced peoples ideas about the causes of disease
        • they told people everything in the bible was true and if challenged they would go to hell
    • education
      • the church controlled education
        • thew church made schools read books by hippocrates and galen
      • students were encouraged to not experiment for themselves
    • most people respected traditional ideas
      • roger bacon, a scientist, suggested that doctors should do their own experiments and research
        • he was then put in prison by church leaders
    • galen and hippocrates
      • they were very influential
        • there seemed to be evidence to their ideas
        • people seemed to thin their theories made sense
    • the king and his government
      • they were bothered about country wars and peace than to invest in medical research and keeping streets clean


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