Factors influencing the news

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  • News Values  (factors influencing)
    • The News = Social Construction
      • Chandler
        • News readers and 'neutral' observers
        • Body language of newscasters reduced by behind a desk
        • Content isn't reassuring but manners are friendly and reassuring
        • High-tech studio symbolises science and objective
      • McQuail
        • News isn't objective or impartial
        • socially manufactured
        • gatekeepers make choices of what to cover
        • Loaded that reflects perspectives of interest groups
        • Selection is based on; organisational constraints, values, ownership, ideology and bias
    • Organisational Constraints
      • Source of - from press agencies / releases from pressure groups, government agencies, private companies
      • Finances - sending overseas is expensive also treatment of events in developing countries
      • Time and Space  - to fit the time available or column space
      • Deadlines - tv can bring as it happens but papers stick to deadlines
      • Immediacy - sound bites, film footage, reporting live
      • Audiences - Five news = short bulletins as young. The sun = working class so simplistic Guardian = middleclass
    • News Values
      • Spencer - Thomas -  general guidelines to say if worthy. Will it attract audience?
      • Galtung and Ruge - extraordinary? Threshold - bigger the event? personal - to celebrity? Frequency - murders quick so meaning? Cover continuously? Narritive - present as a story? Bad news is more exciting?
    • Ownership, Ideology and Bias
      • Is it objective? is the gatekeeper unbiased? is it politically driven?
      • Marxism - manipulated to reflect capitalism, concentration on ownership, news sell to wealthy
        • Hall - Media has agenda setting
      • Neo-Marxism - reflects social backgrounds of media professionals (white,middle class)
      • Pluralism - journalists are objective, abuse of power
        • Davies - modern British by churnalism - uncritical over-reliance on 'facts' out by government spin doctors and public relations experts
      • Postmodernism - had to see what is 'fake news' (Hyper-reality) collapse of meta narratives


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