Factors influencing choice of method

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  • Factors influencing choice of method
    • Practical Issues
      • Time and money
        • Certain methods require different amounts of time and money
      • Requirement of funding bodies
        • Some organisations that provide funding may need research to be in a certain form
      • Personal skills and characteristics
        • Sociologist may have different skill which could affect their ability to use certain methods
      • Subject matter
        • Certain methods fit best to the subject your researching
    • Theoretical Issues
      • Reliability
        • This means the research is able to be repeated gaining the same or similar results of data
      • Validity
        • This means that the findings represent what the researcher was trying to discover
      • Representatives
        • Wether the people we are studying are typical of society
    • Ethical Issues
      • Deception and informed consent
        • People involved have the right to know what it is they are taking part in
      • Confidentiality
        • Sociologist must protect the identity of the respondent in the study
      • Protection from harm
        • Sociologist need to be aware if they are putting themselves or others at risk
      • Vulnerable groups
        • Special care should be taken when dealing with vulnerable people such as age, disability, physical or mental health
      • Informed consent
        • Participants in research should understand what it is that they agree to when they say they will participate in research projects
    • Sampling
      • Random
        • the sample is by chance e.g names out of a hat
      • Opportunity
        • In the sample frame, every nth person is picked
      • stratified
        • The same number of people than have to be uses in the sample. if the population is 18% of under 18s the sample must have 185 of under 18s
      • Quota
        • The interviewer has a quota which has to fill with suitable people
      • Snowball
        • Collecting a sample through an individual who passes on other key names that could be interviewed


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