Causes of the downfall of the constituional monarchy 1792

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  • Factors for the downfall of constituional monarchy
    • Economy and finance
      • 1791 Poor harvest
      • riots over food prices
      • October days - bread demands from women - showed the weakness of the king
      • Contant war was costing the country millions
      • Emigres had removed the trade of luxury goods when they left
      • Church charity had dried up
      • Assignats fell in worth and inflation began
      • General maximum on food prices - March 1972
    • Flight to Varennes - Actions of Louis
      • June 1791 - Louis and family attempt to flee France
      • Belived to be going to Austria - saw this as working with the enemy
      • Multiple mistakes and miscalculation meant that they were brought back to Paris as prisoners
      • Seen as undermining the constituion
      • To prove he was a traitor - a trunk of letters to Austrian leaders showed the royal family betraying France
    • Politics - opposition to a royal family
      • The king had become increasingly unpopular over the past 20 years
      • Demands for a republic developed in Paris
      • October days showed the king's unpopularity
      • Famine and bad harvest were blamed on the king
      • The enlightenment had shown a society without the need for a king
    • War
      • Costly for France
      • Louis and his government were split on the want for war
        • Louis wanted a defeat dso his Austrian cousins would reinstate his crown
      • France was already war werey by this time
      • France was being attacked from all sides


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