Factors & Effects 

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  • Factors & Effects
    • Availability, sustainability & cost of feedstock
      • If feedstock is locally provided, cost will be low + profit will be high
      • If it has to be transported from afar, cost will be high.
      • Will it last a long time or have to be restocked often
      • It can't be too expensive
      • Cost of oil & gas alters price depending on location
    • Yield of Product
      • High yield is very profitable
      • Low yield costs money, time and energy to repeat reaction to make desired amount
    • Energy Requirement
      • Exothermic reaction heat can be used to heat buildings
      • Most reactions use catalysts which has more control & saves money
      • Reactions that need heat can be costly
      • Reactions that need cooling can be costly
    • Use of Byproducts
      • Reactions can make more than 1 product
      • If byproduct can be used elsewhere, money will be saved/made
      • If products are toxic or corrosive, it will be expensive to deal with
    • Recycling
      • If unreacted materials can be put back into machine, improves efficiency & profit
      • Water can be recycled & reduce waste
      • It is difficult to separate unreacted materials after reaction - wasteful and inefficient


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