Factors Affecting Voting Behaviour

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  • Social Class
    • Follows socialisation theory whereby social groups have shared interests which mean that people gain information biases and also socialisation means your worldview is influenced by those people with similar circumstances.
    • Class-Vote consistency index -         84-1966    42-1979          12-2015
    • Middle class used to vote Conservative while lower classes would vote for Labour. In 1964 Labour got 64% of the DE vote while Tories got 78% of the AB vote. In 2019 ABC1 favoured Cons at 43% Labour at 33% and C2DE favoured cons at 48% and Labour at 34% so it was a lot harder to outline voting behaviour from social class.
    • Primary (short term) Factors Affecting voting behaviour
      • Ethnicity
        • Immigrants tended to be in the lower classes so were more likely to vote Labour due to higher government suport. They also avoided the Conservatiives due to controversial figures such as Ennoch Powelll and his rivers of Blood speech in 1968. This contrasts with Labour passing the Race Relation Act 65, 68 and 76.
        • Out of the Conservatives top ten most diverse seats in 2010 by 2017 they only continued to hold half of them.
        • East Ham has a non-white population of 77%  and Labour recieved 83% of the vote.v
        • All ethnic groups except for Indians have at least 75% support for Labour due to their commitment towards multiculturalism such as presurig the government to take more refugees during the 2016 refugee crisis. Conservatives had nearly 40% support of Indian ethnics possibly due to their bsiness friendly policies and many of the British Indian diaspora starting businesses after moving to the UK
      • Region
        • South East is very wealthy and supports the Conservatives by 54% in 2017. They are also supported in ethnically white rural areas so 50% support in the Midlands.
        • Labour have the support of the North as these contain many old mining towns who were punished and entered decline following the Conservatives closing the mines under Thatcher and have grown up disliking the Tories. 46.4% in North West England supported Labour. This is a decrease from the ear 53% in 2017 due to Labours policy of a second referendum which was unpoular in northern areas.
        • Labour gain the vast majority of their support in multicultural cities like London where they recieved 55% of the vote. The EU referendum where London voted decisivly by 59% to remain also harmed the Conservatives here.
        • In Scotland the SNP's support of independence won them a majority of seats (56,35 48) in the last three general elections.


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