Factors affecting transpiration

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  • Factors affecting transpiration
    • Number of leaves:
      • More leaves = Larger SA = more vapour lost.
    • Number/size/position of stomata:
      • Many large stomata = more water vapour lost. If stomata are on lower surface = Transpiration less/slower.
    • Presence of cuticle:
      • Waxy cuticle present = less evaporation
    • Light:
      • In light, stomata open and allow gaseous exchange for photosynthesis.
    • Temperature:
      • Higher temp = Increased rate of water loss. Increases evaporation, increases diffusion and decreases water potential in air.
    • Relative humidity:
      • Higher humidity will decrease rate of water loss as there will be a smaller water vapour potential gradient between air spaces in leaf and air outside.
    • Air movement/wind:
      • Air moving outside leaf will carry away water vapour and maintain a high vapour potential gradient.
    • Water availability:
      • Little water in soil = plant cannot replace water lost. Water loss is reduced.


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