factors affect rate of reaction

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  • Factors affecting rate of reaction
    • Rate of reaction depends depends on 4 things
      • Temperature
        • If they move faster they will collide more
        • The faster they move the more energy, so more of the collisions will have enough energy to make reaction happen
        • When temperature is increased particles move faster
      • Surface area
        • If one of reactants is a solid, then breaking it up into smaller pieces increases its surface area:volume ratio
          • This means for same volume of solid, particles around it have more area to work on so collisions will be more frequent
      • Presence of catalyst
        • A catalyst is a substance that speeds up reactions
        • Different catalysts are needed for different reactions
          • They all work by decreasing activation energy needed for reaction to occur
        • Enzymes are biological catalysts - catalyst reactions in living things
        • They provide an alternative reaction pathway with lower activation enrgy
      • pressure of  gas/concentration of solution
        • If solution is more concentrated, more particles knocking about in same volume
          • So collisions between reactants are more frequent
        • when gas pressure increases, same number of particles fill a smaller space


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