Factors affecting processor performance

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  • Factors affecting processor performance
    • Address bus width
      • Can address more unique memory locations
      • Increases max potential memory usage
    • Increasing number of cores
      • Multiple processors can carry out tasks in parallel.
      • A task can also split up to be run on different cores in parallel to speed up execution.
    • Increasing word length
      • CPU can process more data
      • Processor can have larger amount of memory through direct addressing
      • Larger instruction set
    • Cache memory
      • Instructions or data needed frequently are placed in a temporary area of memory (separate from main memory), allowing it to be quickly used by the CPU, speeding up execution
      • Depending on how close those cache memories to the CPU, they can be classified as level 1,2, 3 etc.
    • Increasing data bus width = move more data around per unit time
    • Increasing clock speed allows processor to execute more instructions per unit time


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