Factors Affecting Medicine and Treatment

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  • Factors Affecting Medicine and Treatment
    • Role of individuals
      • Individuals made the effort or had the expertise to change things, mostly scientists and doctors who made great medical discoveries.
    • Chance
      • Luck! As with everything, some medical developments were down to chance, or being in the right place at the right time.
    • Government
      • The influence of those who governed Britain, their interest in the health of the population, and the laws and rules that were made about people's health.
    • Attitudes and beliefs
      • Religious attitudes and beliefs among the population, particularly with regard to new discoveries.
    • War
      • The impact not only of war and of being invaded when countries were fighting each other, but also of the increased travel and trade associated with it.
    • Science and technology
      • New discoveries (science) and inventions (technology); not all of these were directly linked to medicine, but they still had an impact.


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