male achievement

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  • Factors affecting male achivement
    • Internal
      • literacy
        • outline- boys don't like reading
          • impact-won't complete activities to achieve better e.g taking notes and are more likely to have restricted linguistic code
            • evaluation- helps explain why girls have an early advantage however not all boys dislike reading
      • feminisation of education
        • outline- education is designed to be more 'girl- friendly'
          • impact- boys may no longer be interested in 'feminine' subjects which is why girls have a consistent lead in English
            • evaluation-  some boys go on to study 'feminist' subjects e.g health and social.
      • lack of male primary teachers
        • outline- less male role models so learning can seem quite feminine
          • impact- lack of a male educational figure to follow
            • evaluation- can be used to develop strategies to help boys
      • laddish subcultures
        • outline- boys tend to form anti-school subcultures to increase their masculinity
          • impact- they won't pay attention in class as they are to busy disrupting the class
            • evaluation- explains why boys are disruptive and however it assumes girls are not disruptive
    • External
      • crisis of masculinity
        • outline- boys may lack ambition if there are no jobs available after school
          • impact- will see no point in working hard so are more likely to from a subculture
            • evaluation-good as looks at wider society issues
      • moral panic
        • outline- a societal panic about the underachievement of boys
          • evaluation- could be a media exaggeration
    • how might teachers reinforce male domination in classroom
      • using sexist language
      • using gender specific examples football analogies
      • teachers may accept male domination of the classroom such as talking over female students or allowing male students to ignore them
    • how can teachers reduce male domination in classroom
      • teachers control the allocation of resources
      • seating a class boy girl boy girl to stop female students feeling outnumbered and ' small'  if on a table with 4boys etc
      • ignoring male domination such as males interrupting or speaking over a female student and apply the schools disciplinary code


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