Factors affecting Growth and Development

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  • Factors affecting Growth and Development
    • Physical Factors
      • Diet
        • What we drink and eat weekly. Making sure we are eating the right tings to improve our physical growth.
      • Illness
        • Can be developed through any point in our life. we can have short term and long term illnesses.
      • Genetic factors
        • Genetic Inheritance is the characteristics we get from our parents.
      • Leisure activity's
        • The activities we do for enjoyment e.g. football, shopping going to the cinema.
      • Puberty, personal hygiene, sexual health, eating disorders, drugs, alcohol,
    • Emotional and Social Factors
      • Gender
        • How we learn to act as boys and girls.
      • Sex
        • Refers to the genitals we have.
      • Relationships
        • Family
        • Friendship
        • Intimate
        • Working
        • Features of relationships:    Support, caring, love, trust, security, protection, strong bonds, loyalty.
      • Socially learned expectations of behavior
        • Femininities, being feminine.
        • Masculinities being masculine.
    • Environmental Factors
      • Bad Housing
        • Lack of space.
          • Might get cramped and leave people feeling stressed and claustrophobic.
        • Dangerous area.
          • Leave people feeling unsafe.
        • Pollution.
          • Can be very damaging to a persons health and well being.
        • Damp.
        • No outside space.
          • Less opportunity to exercise.
        • Noise levels.
          • Can be distracting for younger people if they are trying to get school work done.
    • Economic Factors
      • Income- wages and savings. go towards bills, rent housing bills transport costs etc.
        • All thee things come before money going towards luxury's.
      • Social classes
        • Working class.
          • The social group consisting of people who are employed for wages, usually in manual or industrial work.
        • Middles class.
          • The social group consisting of people who do professional and business work.
        • Upper class.
          • The social group consisting of people that have the highest status in society.


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