Fertility Measures without definitions

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  • Fertility Measures
    • Crude Birth Rate (CBR)
      • Total number of live births per thousand of the population per year.
        • No account of the age or gender
        • Simple and widely used
    • General Fertility Rate
      • Total number of live births per thousand women in normal reproductive age (15-44) per year.
        • Deals with females in a specific age group- more relaible than CBR
    • Total Fertility Rate (TFR)
      • average number of children a women will have during her reproductive years (assuming she will live that long)
        • TFR- lower in MEDCs so reliable measure of development
    • Age Specific Fertility Rate
      • Number of live births per thousand women within specific age bands/yr.
        • In some LEDCs women have children at early age some makes this a reliable indicator.
    • Net Reproduction Rate (NRR)
      • Average number of daughters borm per women. An NNR of 1 means the population is replacing itself


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